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Bass music in 2020 is a truly worldwide phenomenon, with the sound stretching far and wide, bringing together producers, DJ’s and vocalists alike coming together to create something truly special. In the heart of Graz, Austria, that feeling is reciprocated within the forward thinking production stylings of NeryVice. Having started producing only three years ago, his sound and explosive approach to 4×4 music has taken numerous scenes by storm, beginning in the realms of stripped back house and tech, slowly progressing into a much more UK bass inspired palette, jam packed with energy and excitement.Since his arrival in the bass scene in 2019, NeryVice’s popularity has continued to rise at a pretty rapid rate, seeing himself land two top quality releases on the infamous 3000 Bass imprint with ‘Droppin It Low’ and ‘Take On The World’. The sound heard within these two bangers is very electronic, combining sumptuous sizzling bass synthesizer lines with sharp, precisely processed drum punches and an array of catchy vocal samples to build tunes to set the dance alight to.

With numerous behind the scene album credits for some of the biggest vocalists about today and an eager nature, NeryVice is most certainly raring to go, with 2020 looking like the take off year!



NeryVice - Home

2023 [Celsius Recordings]

NeryVice - Got Me

2023 [Independent]

NeryVice - The VIPs EP

featuring Take On The World VIP and Me & You VIP 2022 [Independent]

MrTraumatik,Devilman,NeryVice - Rave

2022 [Multidimensional Records]


NeryVice - Me & You

featured on the AboutTV Discovery Channel Compilation, 2021 [AboutTV]

NeryVice - Dark Sun

2020 [Independent]

Skinzmann - Pay Me (VIP Mix) [prod. NeryVice]

feat. MrTraumatik, Devilman & Dizzle Kid, 2020 [Multidimensional Records]

NeryVice - Droppin It Low

featured on 'Digitalization 3.0' by 3000Bass, 2020 [3000Digital]

NeryVice - Zadar

2019 [Applique Music]

NeryVice - Proxy

2019 [STIG]

NeryVice - Millenium

2019 [Data Tech]

Manz Hoffman, NeryVice - UP!

2018 [Tropicat Records]

NeryVice - Moon

2018 [Independent]

NeryVice - Miami

2018 [Independent]

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