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At just 24 years old, NeryVice stands as a formidable force in the pulsating world of drum and bass. Hailing from the picturesque city of Graz, Austria, he has carved his path with an unparalleled fusion of raw energy and musical finesse.

NeryVice’s journey into the realm of beats and basslines began at a tender age, as he immersed himself in the eclectic soundscape of electronic music. Initially drawn to the infectious rhythms of UK bassline, his sonic journey took a transformative turn in 2020 as he gravitated towards the electrifying genre of drum and bass.

Embracing his newfound passion with gusto, NeryVice honed his craft, seamlessly blending deep, melancholic melodies with pulsating energy in his sets. His performances captivate audiences, taking them on a euphoric journey through the depths of sound.

Driven by an unwavering passion for the genre, NeryVice developed a keen affinity for liquid drum and bass and deep, techy sounds. Each beat pulsates with an electric fervor, drawing listeners into a whirlwind of sonic euphoria that transcends boundaries and defies expectations.

Collaborating with industry heavyweights such as MrTraumatik, Devilman, and the Austrian Crew Marderjagdverein Söding, NeryVice has solidified his status as a producer with an undeniable knack for captivating audiences. His tracks have become anthems in their own right, earning acclaim for their distinctive sonic imprint and infectious energy.

The digital airwaves bear witness to NeryVice’s meteoric rise, with his music amassing over 3 million streams on Spotify alone. Each track is a testament to his unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of drum and bass, exploring new sonic territories with every beat.

In addition to his solo endeavors, NeryVice is an integral part of the esteemed Drum and Bass collective, Druck nach Belieben. United by their shared passion for innovation and collaboration, the collective serves as a breeding ground for sonic experimentation and artistic growth, with NeryVice at its forefront.

As he continues to evolve and innovate, NeryVice remains steadfast in his commitment to delivering electrifying beats that resonate with audiences around the globe. With his sights set on the future, he is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of drum and bass, one electrifying track at a time.



NeryVice - You Broke Me

2023 [Independent]

NeryVice - Home

2023 [Celsius Recordings]

NeryVice - Got Me

2023 [Independent]

NeryVice - The VIPs EP

featuring Take On The World VIP and Me & You VIP 2022 [Independent]

MrTraumatik,Devilman,NeryVice - Rave

2022 [Multidimensional Records]


NeryVice - Me & You

featured on the AboutTV Discovery Channel Compilation, 2021 [AboutTV]

NeryVice - Dark Sun

2020 [Independent]

Skinzmann - Pay Me (VIP Mix) [prod. NeryVice]

feat. MrTraumatik, Devilman & Dizzle Kid, 2020 [Multidimensional Records]

NeryVice - Droppin It Low

featured on 'Digitalization 3.0' by 3000Bass, 2020 [3000Digital]

NeryVice - Zadar

2019 [Applique Music]

NeryVice - Proxy

2019 [STIG]

NeryVice - Millenium

2019 [Data Tech]

Manz Hoffman, NeryVice - UP!

2018 [Tropicat Records]

NeryVice - Moon

2018 [Independent]

NeryVice - Miami

2018 [Independent]

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