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As 2019 is almost over I want to summarise the past year regarding my music career as well as my personal life.

So in 2019 a lot happened. I finally graduated school and started uni. There’ve been some sad stuff happening as well. My cat, who accompanied me for 14 years sadly passed away in September. I’m still very sad about this loss and miss her everyday in my life. But I tried to put my sadness and use it as new energy for my music.

There has also happened a lot in my music career. I released several tracks and two of them are still scheduled for a release this month! But let’s start with ‘Millennium’:

I got inspired by the influences of techno and tech house while I was creating my debut single on Big Mama’s House Records sublabel ‘DataTech’ . You can clearly hear those techno influences in this track and it is acutally my longest track so far.

My second single this year was ‘Proxy’. I actually can’t tell you what genre this track is as I completely ignored any genres while I was working on this track. In stores it appears as ‘Melodic House / Melodic Techno’ which I’m actually not quite sure about but who cares. In 2019 I also found out how essential it is to sometimes just forget about any genres and let your creativity flow. At least for me, thinking about genres and genre specific production rules blocks my creativity. But anyways, my track ‘Proxy’ got also released on a sublabel of Big Mama’s House Records, called STIG. I’d definitely say that this is the track I’m proud of the most. I put a lot of work and time into it and I’m quite content about the result.

In the past year I also discovered my love for UK Bass music and Drum & Bass music. That’s the reason why I founded the music blog and event brand  ‘HUSTLE’ together with a good friend. The goal of ‘HUSTLE’ is to share our love to Drum & Bass with constant uploads on YouTube and reposts on Soundcloud and Instagram. I also started experimenting with Bass music and Drum & Bass and you can definitely expect some Bass and DnB tracks in the next year! Maybe one Bass track will get released this year…. but 🤫🤫🤫🤫. I keep you updated!

Let’s move on to my track ‘Zadar’:

This track is not out yet but will get released next week friday. It is another tech house influenced track with quite a funny story behind the name. After graduation I went on holiday with friends to Zadar, Croatia and we almost died in a heavy storm so I told my friends that I’m gonna call my next track ‘Zadar’. The track will get released via Applique Music and I’m quite excited to work with them! You can actually pre-order this track right now on Beatport and I’d really appreciate it.

My year has been crazy with many ups and downs but I’m thankful for every new person I met and quite content with 2019 over all. My goal for 2020 is to produce and release more music and most importantly FINISH more music.

 To sum things up I just want to let everyone of you know that I’m really thankful for your support over the last year. Without you I wouldn’t be able to do this and to realise my music career. I know that I’m still at the beginning but we will walk this path together and I’m thankful for everyone joining me on this journey! I wish you all the best for 2020.